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Craig & Heidt, Inc. is a general and industrial contractor located in Houston, Texas and has been in business for over 70 years.

Craig & Heidt is privately owned and was started in the late 1940’s by J.C. Kingsbery.  Charles Craig joined the company as a partner in 1959.  The company was incorporated as Craig & Heidt in 1973.

Craig & Heidt, Inc. offers a broad scope of industrial petrochemical construction, and commercial services and has constructed major projects, such as site preparation, concrete foundations and paving, drainage construction.

Since the conception in 1940, we have developed a core group of construction specialist dedicated to safety, quality, and the production standards that clients expect.

Dedicated, and committed employees, coupled with the continuous improvement of training provided to them, produces pride and commitment to our clients and our work.

Craig & Heidt, Inc. is a general contractor performing 90% of total annual work in petrochemical refineries, with the remaining 10% performed in commercial and public construction. We have procured major projects such as site preparation, concrete paving, and structural revamping. Our experience includes complete site preparation, demolition, concrete foundations and paving, tank foundations, sump construction, concrete and clay containment and much more.

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Craig & Heidt supports Senator Ted Cruz in his efforts to pass a Job Funding Bill

Sen. Ted Cruz Meets ABC Members  at Local JobsiteSenator Ted Cruz visited SpawGlass’ site at The Village of Southampton in Rice Village yesterday to discuss his education bill. Cruz’s proposal provides skilled training opportunities for those entering the workforce for the first time, or returning to school for further education. Performance Contractors

Posted by Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

ABC 2018 Board Member of the Year

Craig & Heidt is pleased to announced that Mr. Sam Craig, President was named the 2018 Board Member of the Year.

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